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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Aloe Vera in Dentistry

Aloe Vera uses in Dentistry are multiple.

  • Its extremely helpful in the treatment of gum disease
  • It reduces the bleeding of the gums
  • It is powerfully antiseptic in gum pockets
  • Its antifungal properties help greatly in the problem of denture stomatitis
  • Cracked and split corners of the mouth
  • The treatment of cold sores
Believe it or not it can also be used in root canal treatment as a sedative dressing, healing promoter and file lubricant.

The various forms of Aloe Vera used in dentistry are:

  1. the Forever Bright Toothpaste
  2. the Aloe Vera Gelly for healing promotion
  3. Aloe & Propolis hand cream which helps to counteract frequent hand washing and the wearing of latex gloves
  4. Aloe activator spray which is excellent for throat infections, painful erupting wisdom teeth and joint pains
  5. the Aloe Vera Gel drink is used in conjunction with any topical treatment for skin lesions, joint lesions and, in itself, as an amelioration in irritable bowel syndrome.

The juice has great all round uses, its a strong detoxifying agent and if used in conjunction with the planned removal of mercury amalgams acts as a scavenging agent for mercury, a neuro-sedative and immune enhancer. As a routine general tonic it generally makes people feel better who are otherwise not well enough but not frankly ill.
It is however important to choose an Aloe Vera product that is concentrated, pure, stabilised and preferably grown organically. A seal of approval of the International Aloe Science Council marked on products will guarantee these necessities above.
This is where Forever Living products come in as they hold the seal of approval, they grow their Aloe Vera organically and keep it as pure as can be.

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