Saturday, 17 August 2013

My Forever F.I.T Review


Hi my name is Matt Craven and I'm a working class family man 33 years of age who was very fit in my 20's but my lifestyle changed that as we all know.
  •  I got a career 
  • I settled down and my family grew 
  • Work started taking over as I had bills to pay 
  • My body was changing size for the worst 
  • My health wasn't good and I was feeling the stress 
  • I ran out of time for training and only played rugby every now and then 
Any of this sound familiar ?
Life takes its toll and your body feels the strain and this was the result of those few years that flew by:

My family noticed I was putting on weight and stressed. I was eating when and where I could, most days consisted of eating ready meals, snacks whilst at my desk and on the go, which I knew wasn't giving me the nutrients and minerals my body needed and at times I would eat more calories than I needed so my body was just storing the excess calories as fat.

Looking back at a few pictures one day I could see how I let myself go from being a fit, healthy young man to, well basically I had become a SLOB and was using every excuse in the book as to why I couldn't train or eat healthy.
After a Christmas and a few months passed by these images were still in my head and I was becoming depressed in myself thinking about them and thought I need to change and only I could change it.

So that day came and I searched through some old workouts and training programs I did back in the Forces whilst I was on Tour. I started to knuckle down and get myself sorted, I studied the internet for meal plans and Diet Plans (which were good but I put it back on after I completed the Diet).
So with all this information gathered I could see most meal plans could be costly as some of the food was way above my shopping budget. My Mum could see I was looking to change and mentioned the Nutri-Lean Program with Forever Living to which I refused because of the cost and the failed diets I had already done.

With this said my Mum came back with '' Well this Weight Management Program comes with a  60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so really you have nothing to lose by trying it''.
So I worked it out and it was true it worked out cheaper but not only that it would guide me down the path to weight maintenance and fitness habits that will last for the rest of my life. So with the Money Back Guarantee I had nothing to lose.

Remember there is no '' Quick Fix'' to lifetime weight management. 

What does the Forever F.I.T contain?

  • 3 x Aloe Vera Gel Drink 1 litre bottles 
  • 2 x Forever Lite Ultra Shake Mix 524 grams 
  • 1 x Forever Garcinia Plus 70 softgels 
  • 1 x Forever Lean 120 capsules 
  • 1 x Forever Probiotic 30 beadlets 
  • Access to the Nutri-Lean website with meals plans etc  
  • A booklet to help you through the programme 
  • Your Forever Distributor to support you through the plan 
The Forever F.I.T teaches you:

  • You CAN Control your weight 
  • Cutting back and understanding Portion control and moderation 
  • How to read and understand labels 
  • Learn the difference between good and bad fats 
  • Help you make friends with your Metabolism 
  • Learn to listen to your body. 
  • About the Calories your body needs and losing weight 
It does however require initial effort and motivation which will eventually become second nature in your daily routine.
So when you look at the big picture its not just another Diet its a Lifestyle Change and long term life plan which I discovered.

Here is a Typical Week

Measured my body parts and weight:

Arm - 14 inchs
Waist - 42 inchs
Hip - 40 inchs
Thigh - 28 inchs
Chest - 46 inchs
Weight- 16 stone 7

An example of My Days Program :

Morning - 1 x Forever Garcinia Plus capsule (20-30 mins before a meal)
                1 x scoop Forever Lite Ultra with 300ml of Skimmed Milk (Soya Milk can be used)
                1 x piece of Fruit 4 egg whites (hard boiled)

Snack - 60ml Aloe Vera Gel Drink
             1 x whole-wheat English muffin with tbsp peanut butter

Lunch - 1 x Forever Garcinia Plus
             2 x Forever Lean capsules (before the meal)
             1 x Chicken Breast Strips, Salad on wholemeal pitta bread

Snack - 60ml Aloe Vera Gel Drink
             1 x piece of Fruit

Dinner - 1 x Garcinia Plus capsule
              2 x Forever Lean Capsules
              1 x Probiotic beadlet (take with water BEFORE eating your meal)
              100g Pork Chop (fat trimmed), 125g Brown Rice, 125g Cooked Spinach

Training for the week

Warm up Skipping 5 mins

10 x Close Arm Press Up
10 x Normal Press Up
10 x Wide Arm Press Up
10 x Tricep Press on the seat of a chair
10 x Arm Curls with Resistance Band (Red)

10 Crunchies
10 Ankle Taps (on each Leg)
10 Inners
10 Cycling Twists
10 Half Sits

REST 1 Minute Repeat Two more times (this was done 3 times a week)

Cross Trainer 30 minutes
Cycling 40 minutes
Walk up and Down the stairs for 10 minutes

This is just one of the Weeks of the program I did with a basic overview of what was involved, some of the days I had 2 shakes it was just what was fitted around my lifestyle at the time.
You can have your own routine that fits around your lifestyle as everyone is different, this is where I will find a routine that's personal to YOU.

The End Result

My result of the Nutri-Lean Program after the 30 days:

 I am happy so far with my results,
I weigh 14 stone 11lbs and am still taking the Forever Lite and Aloe Gel Drink as I am looking to bulk up ready for getting back into rugby.

Remember this wasn't training everyday this was fitted around a real persons lifestyle, a working family man, if you have more time you would get better results than me.

I squeezed in training when and where I could and also did added things like:

  •  Watched my portion control 
  • Parked the far end of the car park (my partner wasn't to pleased) 
  • Took the stairs when and where I could 
  •  Spent most of the time working out at home in the house or the garden 
  • Used my own body weight for training 
  • Bought grapes instead of crisps so the kids and I ate healthier 
Some of these might seem silly but it all adds up over time trust me.

During the program I didn't feel sluggish or down like most diets I had tried, I felt much more upbeat and energized and with the knowledge it was like learning something new again.
People actually noticed me which gave me more confidence to talk to people and friends again I became back to what I was, that happy laid back person.

Since the Forever F.I.T Program I have joined the business and want to help others reach their goals in life and do what I did Lose Weight and change my Life Style because its defiantly paid off.

Friday, 2 August 2013

What Are The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera?

Decades of scientific research for a wide range of illnesses has had limited effectiveness  through conventional medicine and to no surprise many people suffering from disease which is chronic in the sense of long lasting are turning to alternative medical remedies.

One of these is Herbal therapy, of which Aloe Vera is a prominent example. It has been used for many years in several different cultures as a therapy for a variety of different conditions. With a wealth of anecdotal evidence suggesting that Aloe Vera is effective and test-tube experiments have shown that components of Aloe Vera have some actions which could be useful clinically.
A study in patients with Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic inflammatory diarrhoeal disease, with the help of Peter Atherton found evidence that Aloe Vera gel does indeed perform better than placebo when taken for 6 weeks.

The World Health Organisation estimates that, worldwide, herbalism is three to four  times more commonly practised than conventional medicine. 70% of the British Pharmacopaeia originates from herbs with 121 commonly used prescription drugs owing their origins to 95 different plants.

What does Aloe Vera Contain?

Aloe Vera Leaf Contains 75 known ingredients which are divided into eight distinct categories:

Lignin - a cellulose-based substance found in the gel with no specific medicinal properties.

Saponins - glycosides which are thought to comprise about three per cent of Aloe Vera Gel. Soapy substances containing antiseptic properties which are capable of cleansing.

Minerals -  
Calcium for bones and teeth, cellular structure and nerve transmission
Manganese for the activation of others. these are complex proteins that speed up the route of clinical reaction in the plant
Sodium for preventing the body fluids from becoming too acid or too alkaline. Also involved in the electrical conductivity in muscles and nerves.
Potassium is also involved in the acid-base balance and electrical conductivity
Copper for the action of iron as an oxygen carrier in red blood cells
Magnesium for the metabolism of calcium during bone formation and needed by the nerve and muscle membranes
Zinc for major metabolic pathways contributing to the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. A very important factor in mens health and reproductive function.
Chromium for the proper function of insulin, vital for diabetics
                 Iron part of 'haemoglobin' in red blood cells, enables oxygen to be transported around the body.
A,C and E important antioxidant vitamins, essential in the fight against damaging free radicals. All three positively influence the immune system and Vitamin C in particular assists in wound healing.  

Vitamin A is essential to maintain normal night vision. 

Vitamin E helps the body utilise oxygen, prevents blood clots, thrombosis, athercosclerosis. The best natural source has to be fresh fruit and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables such as cabbage and kale, seed bearing vegetables such as broccoli and all varieties of beans.

The B Vitamins, including Choline

Associated with the production of energy and with Amino acid metabolism, which helps develop muscle mass.
Vitamin B12 an essential vitamin for manufacturing red blood cells. A deficiency of Vitamin B12 will eventually lead to anaemia
Folic Acid for the development of blood cells.

Amino Acids

The human body requires 20 Amino Acids for good health to be maintained and all but eight can be manufactured in the body. The others are called ''essential amino acids'' and need to be taken as food. 19 of the 20 are found in Aloe Vera and the seven of the eight essential ones.
The missing one is Tryptophan which can be found in Fruit/Veg such as cucumber, Asparagus, it can also be found in Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Dairy, Meat, Poultry and Fish. So you have a wide choice.

              Peroxidase, Carboxypeptidase, Lipase, Cellulase, Catalase, Alkaline Phosphatase, Aliiase and Amylase.

           Monosaccharides such as glucose and fructose and long chain sugars polysaccharides, the main one being a glucomannose often referred to as Acemannan.

           The plant sterols are important anti-inflammatory agents.

So all this in such a little plant.


What Are The Important Qualities Of Aloe Vera?


It Provides essential micro nutrients 

Tissues that die are rapidly renewed, such as the lining of the gut which renews itself around every 4 four days and skin which renews itself after 21 - 28 days or so. A poor diet and one of which is deficient in certain key elements will not produce a fit and healthy body or mind.

It kills Bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts

Experiments in the laboratory have been carried out on numerous organisms and have regularly shown that at normal strength Aloe Vera can either destroy or inhibit the growth of several organisms, especially those that case skin and wound infections.

It reduces inflammation

Inflammation is the response of healthy tissues to injury. Ibuprofen is one of several drugs used to help but can have nasty side effects from, indigestion to the more extreme cases such as bleeding stomach ulcers. In November 1995 a report appeared in the British Medical press suggesting that about 5% of duodenal and a massive 22% of gastric ulcers were associated with the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, yet still sold in their millions.

Skin Conditions That Responded Positively From Aloe Vera

Acne vulgaris and rosacea
Eczema, especially atopic eczema in young children
Seborrhoeic dermatitis
Chronic urticaria
Athlete's Foot

Other Things Helped By Aloe Vera

Fungal skin infections - Athlete's Foot
Chronic Ulcers and Bed Sores
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Cold Sores
Crohn's Disease
Gingevitis as well as Sensitive Teeth and Gums